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Clipping. - CLPPNG

Clipping.- CLPPNG

Sub Pop - SP1071
2 ×Vinyl, LP, Album
10 Jun 2014
Electronic, Hip Hop
Noise, Abstract, Experimental

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A1 Body & Blood
Body Percussion [Footsteps] - Devra GoldenWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Canady*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
A2 Work Work
Lyrics By [Additional], Vocals [Additional] - Cocc Pistol CreeWritten-By - C. Watts*, D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
A3 Summertime
Lyrics By [Additional], Vocals [Additional] - King T*Scratches - Derrick "Baseck" Estrada*Written-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, R. McBride*, W. Hutson*
A4 Inside Out
Vocals [Additional] - Frank ChiaroWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
B1 Tonight
Vocals [Additional] - Cristina BercovitzVocals [Additional], Lyrics By [Additional] - Gangsta BooWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, L. Mitchell*, W. Hutson*
B2 Dream
Sounds [Additional Field Recordings] - Christopher FleegerWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
B3 Get Up
Vocals [Additional] - Mariel JacodaVocals [Whispered] - Nico CaryWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
B4 Or Die
Lyrics By [Additional], Vocals [Additional] - GuceWritten-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
C1 Taking Off
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone - Casey Anderson Written-By - C. Anderson*, D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
C2 Story 2
Piano [Final Chord] - Bear McCrearyWritten-By - B. McCreary*, D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
C3 Dominoes
Contractor [Choir], Vocals [Additional] - Bobbi PageVocals [Additional] - Claira Titman, Emily Mae Titman*, Karissa Lee, Micah Lee, Shane Lee Written-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
C4 Williams Mix
Performer - Tom ErbeSounds [Additional] - Christopher FleegerSounds [Prepared And Created By] - Clipping.Written-By, Composed By - John Cage
C5 Run Out
Written-By - D. Diggs*, J. Snipes*, W. Hutson*
D1 Alka Seltzer
D2 Harsh Loop 13
D3 BaB Tron Loop
D4 Summertime Sand H
D5 DMNS Snares
D6 Charcoal 02
D7 BaB Rain Pipe
D8 Story Scriabin
D9 Harsh Loop 20
D10 Dream Lagoon
D11 DMNS Solw 01
D12 Beer
D13 Brian Drums
D14 BT Jewel Case 01
D15 CDP Traffic 03
D16 CD Skip 2
D17 Alanis Bowl 02
D18 Alanis Bowl
D19 CF Dishwasher
D20 Chip Harsh 01
D21 Dream Bird Loop
D22 BaB Drill 02
D23 BT Scratching 01
D24 De Noise
D25 BLS Bottoms
D26 BaB Heels
D27 Ends Skipping 01
D28 DMNS Delay 02
D29 BT Screws
D30 Chip Harsh 02
D31 Ends Metal
D32 Deathpile
D33 GGT Bible
D34 Arp 03
D35 DMNS Solw 02
D36 Die
D37 Wine Glasses
D38 Dream Chimes
D39 Drink & Ice
D40 Chimes
D41 Ends Stuttered Elizabeth Layered
D42 IO Stutters
D43 Harsh Loop 31
D44 BaB Kick
D45 Fireworks
D46 Or Die 02
D47 Get It Cabinets
D48 Chip Harsh 03
D49 Egg Beater
D50 Orch
D51 Get Up Noise
D52 Dream Albion Night
D53 Guce
D54 Alarm
D55 Guns Up Choir
D56 Harsh Loop 15
D57 IO Squeal
D58 Jug
D59 Dream Organ Fish
D60 Killer Rod Lee
D61 King T
D62 Mic Handling
D63 Get It Claps
D64 Modular Blip
D65 Modular Hats
D66 Mp3 Kick
D67 Summertime Squeal
D68 Or Die 04
D69 Get It Cinco
D70 Story Rubber Kick
D71 Arp 02
D72 Story Stuttered Porn
D73 Pendulum
D74 Harsh Loop 10
D75 TO Parking Lot
D76 Rolling
D77 Seeds 01
D78 Shuffling Concrete
D79 Space Echo
D80 Or Die Clap
D81 Spectrally
D82 ST Kids
D83 Story 1
D84 Unknown Rubbing
D85 Rapman
D86 Get It Chain
D87 Summertime Light Bulbs
D88 Tonight Ooblek
D89 Toothbrush
D90 Story Modular
D91 TO Sax 02
D92 TO Snare Ramp
D93 Or Die 03
D94 Harsh Loop 04
D95 CD Skip 3
D96 Vibraslap
D97 WW Cinder Block
D98 Harsh Loop 01
D99 The Message
D100 Daveed - It's Clipping Bitch
Clipping. - CLPPNG

Clipping. - CLPPNG

Sub Pop
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