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Marc Bölan - Electronic Musik

Marc Bölan*- Electronic Musik

Easy Action - EARS165LP
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
29 Nov 2019
Classic Rock

Elenco tracce

A1 The Wizard (Unused Stereo Mix) 1:45
A2 Beyond The Rising Sun (Unused Stereo Mix) 1:42
A3 The Third Degree (Remastered 2019 version) 2:28
A4 Hippy Gumbo (Remastered 2019 version) 2:04
A5 Misfit (Remastered 2019 version) 1:52
A6 Jasper C. Debussy (Remastered 2019 version) 2:07
A7 The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan (Dan The Sniff) (Remastered 2019 version) 1:52
A8 Misfit (Version #2 different drum mix Remastered 2019 version) 1:56
A9 Jasper C.Debussy (Version #2 Echo On Voice Remastered 2019 version) 2:05
A10 Hippy Gumbo (Version #3 Different Vocals Mix Remastered 2019 version) 1:56
B1 Desdemona (Remastered 2019 version) 2:24
B2 Midsummer Night’s Scene (Remastered 2019 version) 2:33
B3 Sarah Crazy Child (Remastered 2019 version) 2:27
B4 Hippy Gumbo (Bolan Vocal Remastered 2019 version) 2:35
B5 Sally Was An Angel (Instrumental Remastered 2019 version) 3:09
B6 Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith (Instrumental Remastered 2019 version) 2:40
B7 Desdemona (Version #2 Alt Lyrics Remastered 2019 version) 2:26
Marc Bölan - Electronic Musik

Marc Bölan - Electronic Musik

Easy Action
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