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Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From The Sun

Comets On Fire- Field Recordings From The Sun

Ba Da Bing! - BING-034
Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock

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A1 Beneath The Ice Age
Bass Guitar [Electric Fuzz Bass Guitar], Bells [Heaven Bells], Vocals [Chant] - Ben FlashmanBells [Ankle Bells, Camel Bells, Heaven Bells], Vocals [Chant] - Nate PierceBells, Vocals [Chant] - Angie Thurman, Christina Burgess, Ian Gradek, Josh Alpers*Drums, Idiophone [Singing Bowl], Congas [Conga Drum], Percussion [Goat Knuckles], Vocals [Chant] - Utrillo BelcherElectric Guitar [Electric Destruction Guitar], Guitar [Floating Guitar], Bells [Camel Bells], Effects [Feedback], Cymbal [Tingshaws], Percussion [Mallet Percussion], Vocals [Chant] - Ben ChasnyGuitar [Destruction Fuzz Guitar], Effects [Feedback], Bells [Sleighbells, Cast Iron Bell With Soprano Heaven Bells], Guitar [Floating Echoplex Guitar], Vocals, Vocals [Chant] - Ethan*Jew's Harp [Southern Jews Harp], Tambourine, Electronics [Oscillator], Effects [Vocal Echoplex], Vocals [Chant] - Noel*Saxophone [Alto Fuzz Saxophone], Xylophone, Bells [Mexican Bells], Vocals [Chant] - Tim Daly
A2 Return To Heaven
Drums - Utrillo*Effects [Echoplex] - Noel*Electric Bass [Electric Fuzz Bass] - Ben F*Vocals, Effects [Tremolo Arm, Singing Twin Reverb] - Ethan*
A3 The Unicorn
Acoustic Guitar [Improvised Acoustic Six-string], Electric Guitar [Electric Destruction Guitar, Electric Floating Guitar, Echoplex Electric Wah Guitar, Feedback Electric Floating Guitar] - Ben ChasnyWritten-By - Ben Chasny
Bass Guitar [Fuzz Bass Guitar] - Ben F.*Drums - Utrillo*Electric Guitar [Electric Fuzz Guitar], Effects [Tremolo Arm], Vocals - Ethan*Electronics [Oscillator], Effects [Echoplex], Synthesizer [Moog] - Noel*
B2 The Black Poodle
Drums, Congas [Conga Percussion] - Utrillo*Electric Bass [Electric Fuzz Bass, Below Middle 'c'] - Ben F*Electronics [Intercom Control Panel, Oscillator], Effects [Echoplex], Drums [Hippie Drums] - Noel*Guitar [Extended Attack 'distortion One' Solo], Noises [Input Jack], Effects [Feedback], Guitar [Guitar Neck] - Ben C*Guitar [Extended Fuzz Wah Sky Solo], Noises [Input Jack], Effects [Feedback], Performer [Tuning Pegs] - Tim Green Guitar [Extended Stoned White Wah Solo], Noises [Input Jack], Effects [Feedback] - Angie ThurmanSaxophone [Alto-saxophone] - Tim DalyVocals, Electric Guitar [Electric Fuzz Destruction Guitar], Noises [Input Jack], Effects [Feedback], Guitar [Above Middle 'c', Extended Tremolo Arm Fuzz Wah Solo] - Ethan*
Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From The Sun

Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From The Sun

Ba Da Bing!
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